Currently, LearnObit is still an unfinished product.

LearnObit is trying to build an Integrated Learning Environment that could be used for broad application. The current implementation as a small entry point for that goal is to combine Spaced Repetition, which is the old algorithm for learning, with the tree-structured note-taking tool to finally make this algorithm popularly adopted.

Improvements up to 1.0 will mostly augment the current implementation.

Once it reaches Version 1.0, it will include the following:
  • Multiple answers to one question
  • Content classification for delayed and urgent learning
  • Spreadsheet-like input method, to manage tens of thousands of simple question-answer items
  • Users will be able to divide media into multiple question–answer pairs. (Upload Type 2)
  • Mobile app
  • Improved basic functions, such as dark theme, trash management, annotations, dashboards, etc.
  • Upgrade to the algorithm
  • Bugs will be fixed and overall performance improved

Once LearnObit has evolved into a pleasing version, the next step will be taken. There are already plans in place for adding a learning resource viewer, powered by machine learning. Additionally, a sort of search engine for learning resources is also being contrived. It would be like a Netflix for learning. So, I want to eventually make LearnObit an Integrated Learning Environment.

Installing LearnObit

For Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

If you prefer you can try
LearnObit is still immature. So you might want to see it again after it's more mature.
In that case, please leave your address
And I will let you know later if there are major updates to this product.