What’s the difference between LearnObit and other SRS (i.e. Anki)?

LearnObit vs Others

Since LearnObit – like plenty of other software – uses Spaced Repetition, this is a question that frequently arises

But in short, conventional Spaced Repetition software only allows you to memorize data in the form of question-answer pairs. So this is suitable for memorizing word-meaning pairs or face-name pairs. In contrast, LearnObit lets you learn about structured subjects. Structured subjects correspond with an abundance of topics, including math, physics, history, or how to use Photoshop. So its target is different than other traditional SRS's.

Further, the content you insert into LearnObit can be managed in accordance with an organized structure
(Have not you ever wondered about how would disconnected flashcards end up?)

Also, you can say so

What if I already use another SRS?

If you already have your knowledge organized in a different SRS, using LearnObit might be tricky. For the time being, the most beneficial solution for you would be to use both programs. It's not ideal. I'm sorry for that.
(anyway, future versions of LearnObit will have the feature of importing one’s Anki flashcards)

Installing LearnObit

As of now, LearnObit is limited to a desktop version for Windows, Mac OS, Linux