a Tool for Rapid Learning Process

(it's like Anki + Workflowy)


About this solution you'll say,

This eventually replaced the tricks I've used so far to manage my knowledge such as note-taking on physical notebooks


Because by using this

1. You can increase the speed of learning itself
2. Planning for your learning will be relentless as your knowledge (not information) will be manageable

What does it do, briefly?

When a user notes-taking through the tree-structure, it makes that manageable as knowledge through Spaced Repetition algorithm

So how does it actually look?

In essence, LearnObit allows you to organize knowledge:

It employs an intuitive tree structure, which is modeled to comprehensively display the knowledge
Which's fully customizable
Which also allows you to make use of multiple media formats
Of course, you are not limited to one tree structure
Not only can you have more than one,
but interaction between the structures is also possible

And to memorize the organized knowledge,
LearnObit forces multiple methods to help you memorize it:

Spaced Repetition
Algorithms will calculate when to review what information in order to retain maximum knowledge with minimal time and effort.
Active Recall
A way of learning that forces you to recall something from blank, which actively engages and stimulates your memory
SnT condition
Study new information only until it is committed to memory. After that, include it in practice-testing. It's the most efficient conditioning
Interleaved practice
Constantly switch between subtopics. It is known to be more effective than the traditional approach, blocking subtopics.

All of the above is made possible by LearnObit’s very own chunking algorithm,
that appropriately divides data into manageable bits.

With friendly interface, that contains:

Creating media is quick and uncomplicated
Users are onboarded in pixel mode
A tool designed for writing down an unfiltered stream of consciousness and then throwing it anywhere in LearnObit
Including well-organized hotkeys

If you are persuaded by this, you can install LearnObit directly to your machine
(As of now, LearnObit is limited to a desktop version for Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

Or read more

Installing LearnObit

As of now, LearnObit is limited to a desktop version for Windows, Mac OS, Linux