The Hyper Booster For Learning

What is it?

On the web, there are tree-like note-taking tools, which are really good at organizing information.
There are also Spaced Repetition tools, which help people remember information with minimal effort and time.

LearnObit combines the two in its own way.

So, this allows you to take notes through the tree-structure, then it makes those notes learnable through the algorithms.

What you will get

LearnObit promises to make you learn faster and more reliably like other traditional Spaced Repetition tools.

However, compared to other apps, it is suitable for structured information, while other apps are only suitable for simple pairs.

i.e. It allows you to handle general subjects such as Math, History through algorithms, while other apps are for foreign language words.

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LearnObit starts with a killer note-taking tool,
that's specialized for organizing knowledge

Tree Structure
Multiple Window
Interaction Among Windows

Then it drives learning methodologies
to help you memorize and retain that knowledge

So, users learn like this:

With insane features, like:

Eexport data to Anki
The Spreadsheet in the Tree
Create media quickly on the spot
Well-organized hotkeys

And, this is how it looks like in real life:

You Can Get It Now

Without install or sign-in


(For Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)

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LearnObit is still being developed. So, you might want to see it again after it's more developed.
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