Hi. This is LearnObit, a steroid for your learning. It's still in the beta stage. However, it's already progressed enough to be used seriously. So it might be a good idea to give it a try.

What is it?

In the world, there are tree-structure note-taking tools and some people love them because they are really good at organizing something. And there are SR (Spaced Repetition) tools and some people love them because they help to keep the memory with minimal effort and time.
And LearnObit is basically a combination of these two, and the key insight is that the combination of these two concepts is incredibly powerful (here is a short reason why ).

So, what it does is, that when the user takes notes through the tree-structure, it makes those manageable as knowledge through the SR algorithm.

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It starts with a killer note-taking tool,
which's specialized for organizing knowledge

Then it drives multiple learning methodologies to help you memorize and retain those contents

The Tree2Chunk algorithm bridges them

With insane features, like:

The Spreadsheet In The Tree.
Simple fact pairs can be made into traditional flashcards incredibly easily.
The ability to create media quickly on the spot
Well-organized hotkeys

And this is how it looks like in real life:

If you are persuaded by all of this, you can get it now


You can try the web version anonymously

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LearnObit is still immature. So you might want to see it again after it's more mature.
In that case, please leave your address
And I will let you know later if there are major updates to this product.